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Serving up Teochew and Cantonese cuisine by culinary Chef Raymond

*Dim Sum Menu is only available during lunch*

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Our alcohol selection is dynamic, so it might change from time to time

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这汤简直绝了 口感无比浑厚 满满的胶原蛋白 调味辛香微辣 喝着一点不腻 让人食欲大开 还非常暖胃

整只鸡单独装盘 鸡肉焖煮得特别酥烂 筷子一提就脱骨 细腻香嫩!几乎没有什么调味 比较清淡 刚好适合搭配浓郁高汤来吃

Stir-fried Shark’s Fin Soup with Crabmeat served in Teapot .jpg

Fare at Yi Qian Private Dining ranges from good to fancy

The chef makes things more interesting by pan-frying the fin briefly before serving. That gets some strands a little crispy while the rest remain moist and soaked with delicious seasoning.



Yi Qian Private Dining


The Teochew Crispy Yam & Prawn Omelette comes in a disc shape, generously studded with hearty yam wedges and fresh prawns. I love the crispy and fluffiness accentuated by the flavourful yam.

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