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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Yi Qian Private Dining?
Yi Qian Private Dining is a full-service Chinese restaurant serving up Cantonese and Teochew fare

What are the opening hours?
We are opened Monday to Sunday for lunch at 11.30 am - 3pm and dinner at 6pm to 10pm


Are walk-ins accepted?

Walk-ins are accepted. However, to avoid disappointment, we highly recommend making a reservation.


How can I make a reservation?

Reservations can be made via

WhatsApp +65 8170 6208

Phone call +65 6513 6377 

Online reservation via Inline

Do you have a menu? 
Yes, we do have an ala carte menu (click the menu button to view). As we are a private dining, we also offer customised menus that can be placed 3 days in advance 

Do I have to pre-order dishes?
Pig’s Stomach and Chicken in Pepper Soup requires pre-order one day in advance. However, to avoid disappointment, we highly recommend you pre-order popular dishes such as cold crabs

I saw a dish on Instagram but not on the menu.

How can I order it?
Show us the dish and we are happy to do it!

Is there corkage charge?
We have a 1-for-1 policy where corkage is waived for one bottle of each wine purchased. Corkage fee is also waived with a spending of $100 per person. Alternatively, corkage fee is $30 per bottle.

Other questions?
Call us at +65 6513 6377 or email us at

Can't reach us?

Leave your message and contact here! We will get back to you.  

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